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#WeRememberWeResist -Dr. Gerry Ortega—environmental advocate, broadcast journalist, veterinarian

Dr. Gerry Ortega—environmental advocate, broadcast journalist, veterinarian.

Dr. Gerry Ortega—environmental advocate, broadcast journalist, veterinarian.

Dr. Gerry Ortega—environmental advocate, broadcast journalist, veterinarian.

Doc Gerry as many know him, was gunned down last January 24, 2011, after his morning radio program “Ramatak” in DWAR in Puerto Princesa City. He is a crusader who only wanted to protect Palawan’s communities and rich biodiversity, Philippines’ ‘last frontier’.

In the last months before his death, he had been receiving death threats because of his efforts to expose bribery in the government manifest in the endorsing of mining projects in his radio program. He was very vocal against mining in Palawan.

Immediately after Ortega’s death, the 10-million signature campaign to stop mining in Palawan was launched led by Bantay Kalikasan chief Ms. Gina Lopez. The campaign started with the call to stop mining in the province and evolved to stopping mining activities in key biodiversity areas and in critical ecosystems. Today, the signature count has already reached about more than 2-million.

*According to the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, Ortega is the 142nd journalist killed since 1986. He was the third journalist slain under the Aquino administration.

Commemorate the sacrifice and struggles of martyred environmental and community rights defenders.

Nov 10—the death anniversary of Nigerian environmental activist Ken Saro Wiwa, who with his eight comrades, was killed by hanging by military personnel. They were killed in 1995 because of their sttuggle against Shell and other oil companies in the Niger Delta. Climate justice activits commemmorate Nov 10 as the Global Day of Action Against Oil as part of the Global Month of Action Against Dirty Energy.

Since 2010, we have joined the global commemoration. Here we give tribute to Ken Saro Wiwa, and the lives of Filipino environmentalists and human rights defenders who sacrificed their lives for the mining struggle.









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