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10 Point Human Rights Agenda on Mining


Mining has been in the national agenda for more than a decade. The assumption into office of PNoy gave hope for a policy change in mining. Unfortunately, government continues to aggressively promote mining as revenue-generating industry despite continued and widespread protests by mining-affected communities as well as civil society.

The State has the fundamental obligation to respect, protect and fulfill human rights not only for the current generation but for future generations. These trinitarian obligations govern the conduct of the State in relation to its peoples and it is by these that States are weighed and judged for their sins of commission and omission.

As the electoral campaign period provides an opportunity to propagate the peoples issues and concerns on Mining; human rights, environmental, indigenous peoples and women’s’ groups have come together and developed a 10 Point Human Rights Agenda on Mining. It is a platform to unite all anti-mining groups and individuals during the electoral period.

It is an agenda to challenge all candidates to take up and respond to the call for an end to large-scale mining.

1. SCRAP Mining Act of 1995! Enact AMMB.
2. Stop large scale mining.
3. Respect protect fulfill IP Rights, to self determination (FPIC).
4. Protect women human rights defenders and IP women in mining areas.
5. Stop exploitation of workers in Mining Sites.
6. Protect our environment and right to safe sound and balance ecology.
7. Stop killings! Protect human rights defenders!
8. Stop displacement of rural folks. Protect the right to food, water, housing and access to means of subsistence.
9. Stop militarization and Deployment of investment defense forces.
10. Justice for all victims of mining related HRVs. Stop development aggression!


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